Welcome to Cardiff Taekwondo Academy – We offer Olympic Taekwondo in Wales

We are located at:
– Adamsdown Day Centre, Star St, CF24 0JY

Welcome to the Taekwondo Wales website. At Cardiff Taekwondo Academy we offer Olympic style Taekwondo in wales and are a member of the national association responsible for the promotion and development of Taewkondo, The World Taekwondo Federation(WTF).

The WTF is the world governing body for Olympic taekwondo as recognised by the International Olympic Committee(IOC). The WTF has over 80 million registered members in 191 countries, and WTF Taekwondo is the 8th most played sport in the world.

We offer WTF Olympic Taekwondo classes for all ages and levels.

We teach taekwondo to students who would like to learn a traditional martial art and achieve a black belt or compete in Olympic level tournaments. We also have many students who just want to have fun and stay fit.

Our program is fun and unique and our classes are held in a safe and fun environment.

Please visit us to see how we can help in instilling in your child the respect and discipline they need in life.